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About Me


Hi!  My name is Sabrina Silva and I live in Katy, TX.  I've been teaching music for about 20 years, both private individuals to large ensembles. I've taught general music in the elementary classroom for the last 12 years. During this time, I discovered Zimbabwean-style marimbas and how to teach musical concepts through playing marimbas. Out of all of the teaching techniques and methods I've used in my classroom, teaching marimbas had the most success.  I wrote a grant and soon I had a classroom filled with 14 marimbas and I was able to teach marimba to my students, kindergarten through 5th grade, as an entire class.  Teaching marimba reaches all students, from those who study music privately to those who've never touched an instrument before. I'm able to scaffold my group classes to accommodate all levels of musicianship.  As of 2019, I moved on from elementary to junior high to teach choir. But I enjoyed teaching marimbas so much, so I purchased a small set of my own and I'm now branching out to teach Zimbabwean marimba group classes to the Katy, TX community.  Would you like to see how successful you can be in one lesson?  

Check out my #KatyMarimba Introduction Video!

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