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I love that my son not only is learning an instrument, but also learning to read music, learning about music history, working with and listening to others, and even gets to do a little composing. He loves his classes, and I feel is gaining a wealth of experiences.

                                                            ~a KM parent

Madison was part of her elementary school marimba performance group for 1 year and absolutely loved it! When we had to move away from that school, her heart was broken so I decided to see if there were any private marimba, or similar instrument, music education programs, and stumbled across Katy Marimba! Even before she received a marimba of her own, I never had to force her to practice (she'd drum out the beats on walls if she had to). She tends to be an introvert, but when she's with her KM friends, she really comes alive and lets her guard down. Even though she intends on trying Orchestra in Junior High, she has said she "never wants to leave Katy Marimba!" Ms. Silva's passion for music education is crystal-clear and her kindness and patience as a teacher (and a human-being) is so admirable. I am confident she will have a life-long impact on Madison and the rest of our family!

                                                        ~J.W., a KM mom

Marimba is not intimidating to learn and Mrs. Silva is very positive and encouraging. It’s a great opportunity to work with others in a musical setting.

                                                        ~a KM student

It's been good for Kaylee to start learning how to play a new instrument. She looks forward to playing with the group and having the opportunity to perform with other musicians.

                                                       ~J.M., another KM mom

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