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Back to School and Marimbas!!!

We are back to school and up and running at Katy Marimba and Performing Arts! It's usually about this time that parents are signing up their children for some sort of extra curricular activity. Children need an outlet of some sort after being in school all day--something that stimulates the brain but also activates the body. Bonus points if it also builds friendships and social skills, right?

Katy Marimba & Performing Arts can provide ALL of that criteria!!! Music making is a great way to stimulate the creative side of your brain. And unlike private lessons, where there is not much room to move around, MARIMBAS require a lot of movement as we play lots of fun pieces! And we have your BONUS POINTS: since playing marimbas is in a group setting, social skills are learned and practiced all the time! Marimbas are not your typical instrument either, so KM students are always encouraging each other as we learn new skills.

One of the fun things that we also do at Katy Marimba is PERFORM!!! What is the point of playing such fun music if we don't get a chance to play outside of the studio! We've played all around Katy--at the Katy Rice Festival, Katy Relay for Life, La Centerra, etc. We also played in the Houston area, right outside the Houston Zoo. Our next performance is schedule for October, so sign up TODAY!

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