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Mini Marimba Camp: Skillbuilders

I'm so excited about this marimba camp that I'm hosting, July 15-19! I only have 2 marimbas which have 5 spots for players to play comfortably, but it's going to be fantastic. I'm actually have 2 marimba camps, so I'll be teaching a total of 10 students. I'm looking forward to working more one on one with players, to be able to help them. The one challenge will be that players will need to gain their confidence pretty quickly, but I've composed some short pieces that will help with that confidence.

I'm currently working on a video series that should help these camp players and any other future players will some basic skills that can be practiced at home. Some skills that will be featured:

*sustaining a steady beat and being able to follow a leader

*alternating hands at a steady pace

*playing double stops, or 2 notes together at the same time

*playing some common yet complex rhythm patterns

*how to build speed and accuracy while playing a lead

I'm going to upload these videos to my YouTube channel that you can access here:

Hope these videos will be very helpful to you!

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