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Prepare your child for Marching Bands in Texas

There are many reasons why you may want to get your child involved in learning a musical instrument. It has been proven over and over again that learning and playing music can help bolster your child’s self-esteem and academic performance. But, which instrument is best? The marimba appeals to many people from around the world and different age groups. The tone of the marimba just seems to touch a great many people. We’ll go over a few of the benefits your child might receive by learning the marimba.

Whether your child decides to stay with the marimba throughout their education or not, learning the marimba at a young age can help prepare your child for the marching band in high school. As they learn to play the instrument they will get an understanding of reading music, understanding notes, music theory, and proper music terminology. This basic understanding at an early age gives them the knowledge, understanding, and work ethic that will be needed when trying out for marching band.

After School Activity (Less Screen Time)

As parents, we don’t like to see our children on the screen so much. Coming home from school, doing homework, and then hopping on their phone to play games can be frustrating! Getting them involved in learning an instrument like the marimba gets them interacting with their peers and learning something new.

After-school activities, like learning the marimba, promote social and emotional learning by students working together to achieve personal and collective goals and building a sense of teamwork. The supportive relationships built between the students and the instructor help build their self-worth and camaraderie.

Anti-Bullying Atmosphere

During marimba lessons, students not only learn about the marimba and music in general, they also will learn about empathy. Being part of a class, learning together, students understand what empathy is and how important it is to other students. Bullying seems to have become a way of life in today’s schools. By building empathy we hope to do our little part to reduce it in the area schools. We don’t allow bullying in our school or among our students. We are a team, working together to appreciate the sound of the marimba!

Increased Academic Performance

Research shows that learning to play any instrument helps improve students’ academic performance and problem-solving skills. Learning to play the marimba is a process in which you learn different patterns and sequences. This helps with memory retention and concentration -skills that also help with academic performance!

Improves Creativity

Children are by nature very creative. Learning to use the marimba helps build and improve the creative mind of a child. As the child learns what note is played by striking a key, they will eventually begin trying to piece together sounds, notes, and eventually songs. The world of marimba music will supply them with endless creative thoughts.

As a small business owner in Katy, TX, I strive to create a safe, engaging, and fun environment for students to receive all the benefits while learning the play the marimba. The marimba is an incredible percussion instrument that I’ve played and taught for many years. I want each of my students to become the best version of themselves and I believe learning the marimba can help build the foundation.

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