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Summer Camps are here!!

I'm so excited about summer! Here in Texas, summer heat can be brutal. High temps and high humidity can make a day just miserable. I'm so happy that I'm able to offer my summer music camps in a roomy space with great A/C!!!

I love teaching camps because students learn so much in a short amount of time. I could have a student sign up who has never had any music experience before and the first day is so much fun. The instrument itself is easy to play--take a mallet, play what I say. If I say, "play a C three times", you play a C three times. Presto! We have music!

This first camp is focused on Marimba Basics and is tailored for those who are new to marimbas. In my camps I typically teach by rote, focusing on how to use both hands to play a pattern. We play the pattern together as a group. Then we focus how chords work and how to remember chords in a song. The most difficult part when playing a song together is playing your own part versus what the other students are playing.

Here's a camp from last summer. All of these students except one had never played a marimba before. They all had a great time learning these simple songs.

NOTE: one of these students enjoyed his time here that he signed up for regular lessons and he's made so much progress in a year!

If you'd like your child to try different kind of instrument or maybe have chance to feel like a rock star, sign up your child today for a marimba camp!!!

~Sabrina Silva

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