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The school year is underway--and so are rehearsals!

We are 4 days into the school year and we just had our first marimba performance group rehearsal last night. And I'm so pumped!!! It was a great first practice! So far, I only have 3 players, but I can't believe how we made it work! It actually kinda cool because I only have 3 marimbas so everyone got their own. To round the group out, I added myself to the mix too. OMG--how I love to play!! We are starting off our season with "Isu Tauya Pano" arranged by Walt Hampton. It is a good starter piece, I think, for a group that has pretty good mallet control. I have tried this piece with younger students, but with varying success. But this group just rolled with it!

UPDATE: So we finished our 2nd practice and we have another player---yay!!!!! I'm very impressed at how quickly everyone is picking up the different parts. For our newbie player, I gave her the part I played last week: the baritone/tenor part. It's a little more complex because it has a lot of different notes, but she picked it up rather quickly. We were not even halfway through rehearsal and she was already playing it with me almost up to tempo. WOW!!

We've only had 2 practices but I'm so pumped about this group. We are currently working on 3 songs and progressing so well! At this rate, I picture us performing a 7 song set by December....whoa....that's a lot of songs. But how awesome would that be???

Anyway, I'm still recruiting students who are in junior high and willing to put in 1 hour a week to make music and prepare a small concert in December. If you would like more information, contact me at . I'm happy to provide you with any info you need. Happy rest of the week!


Our second practice! We could use a few more players. Could you be one of them?

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